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Location: Dunedin • New Zealand


Year: 2018


Description: Close up of a Kea parrot. Keas are considered one of the most intelligent species of bird on Earth. Endemic to New Zealand, they dwell mostly in alpine regions, where food is rather scarce – because of this, Natural Selection has favoured that these birds become highly resourceful in finding food. They have been largely decimated by farmers and bounty hunters in the past and are now critically endangered of extinction, and many keep dying from pollution-related poisoning. Their unusually high intelligence means they often bond with humans and may even prefer human companionship on certain circumstances. This particular individual grew progressively closer to me as I often visited his protected sanctuary during the course of months. He'd let me get very close to him and would follow me around when I moved – he'd also moan when I left the premises. Learn more about keas and this individual on this short documentary that I made in 2018.




Product: Unframed print.



R$ 25,00Preço
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