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Location: Roadside close to Campo Formoso • Bahia • Brazil


Year: 2020


Description: A flamboyant tree by the side of a small house built by local folk in the Brazilian northeastern outback. This region is known as "sertão" and is made out of semi-arid landscapes – temperatures can easily reach 40ºC or more, and rain is very rare. This is one of the least wealthy regions of Brazil, and the local population is often disregarded and marginalized by the government. Many people live on houses built by themselves using whatever means available, and there are many of these scattered along the roadsides, far away from urban centres. These people live mainly out of their own agriculture, sometimes alone but for the modest company of animals and plants.



Product: Unframed print.


Flamboyant Tree & Dog

R$ 25,00Preço
  • I'm an independent artist ahead of a small business. At this point, we cannot accomodate returns, refunds or exchanges of our products. If you have any issues, please contact me directly on and I'll do my best to work it out with you and keep ensuring the best possible customer experience. Thank you.

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