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Location: São Gonçalo Da Serra • Bahia • Brazil


Year: 2020


Description: The key to photographing dragonflies is the realization that these animals usually have a "favourite" leaf or stick where they hang out – and they will periodically fly away, but unless they feel it's unsafe, they are very likely to return to their spot. One has to locate this "favourite spot" of an individual and gently approach it. The dragonfly will momentarily leave it, startled by the human approach, but if you sit still for a while you will see the animal returning to it's spot and keep on hanging out there as soon as it decides you are not an actual threat.




Product: Unframed print.



R$ 25,00Preço
  • I'm an independent artist ahead of a small business. At this point, we cannot accomodate returns, refunds or exchanges of our products. If you have any issues, please contact me directly on and I'll do my best to work it out with you and keep ensuring the best possible customer experience. Thank you.

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