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Location: Canudos • Bahia • Brazil


Year: 2019


Description: A house made of dried clay and wood. This kind of construction was very common in the early years following European settlement in Brazil and is still common in the Brazilian grasslands and deserts, where historically people have been very poor and unable to afford building with stronger and sturdier materials. This one was built in 1920 and recently abandoned. It's now forbidden to build houses like this because they may shelter mosquitos who transmit diseases, but many people still live in them in more isolated regions. This one I visited in Canudos, a place of huge historical significance to Brazil. This region was the stage of a historical rebellion of the people against the corrupt government – which, in turn, killed almost all the rebels. Because of this, Canudos is a place of huge historical significance to Brazil, and its history is studied across the country in all schools – alas, the place still lives in utter poverty, which is perpetuated by the government's corruption and domination strategies.




Product: Unframed print.


Clay House

R$ 25,00Preço
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