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Leonardo Ramos was born in Brazil and has been taking photos since before he could read and write. 

Torn between dedicating his life to art or science, he began his career as a wildlife photographer and cameraman, trained by Emmy-winner documentarist Lawrence Wahba. His shots were broadcasted by NatGeo Latin America and shown on the big screen in a feature film that opened the 2016 on Rio Film Festival.

Leonardo lived in New Zealand during High School and then again in 2018 as he studied in the University Of Otago for his postgraduate diploma in Science Communication and Natural History Filmmaking.

Since 2021, he lives in Galway, Ireland, where he immerses himself in the boiling local music scene – both as a photographer and as a traditional Irish flute player. He regularly displays his photos in local art galleries and is currently working on the early stages of his next big travel photography project.

His photography has received multiple international awards and has been featured in exhibitions in Brazil, New Zealand and Ireland.

foto: Marcus Ramos


foto: Luciano Candisani

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