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Leonardo Ramos is a half-Brazilian-half-Kiwi photographer, musician and communicator, currently based in Galway, Ireland.

He is a bachelor in Social Communication and Filmmaking
(FAAP - São Paulo - Brazil), with a postgraduate degree in Science Communication and Natural History Filmmaking (University Of Otago - Dunedin - New Zealand).

His photos have received several international awards and have been featured in galleries in multiple countries.

His career comprises
freelance still photography, camera work for science and wildlife documentaries and lectures on topics related to science communication, sustainability, photography and documentary filmmaking.

Music-wise, he plays with
psychedelic rock band Avdey, as well as contemporary Irish music ensemble Harmundi. He also handles marketing for both and designs creative stage lighting for live performances.

Among other publications, Leonardo is an editor and writer for Brazilian virtual magazine
"O Pint Diário", about Irish Traditional Music worldwide.